"Does he take his brain out at night and beat it with a hammer?"

- Gimp
  • Me: You're such a whore.
  • Leslie: No, I've slept with one hundred people. I'm good for a while.
  • Me: Yes, that's what makes you a whore.
  • Berggren: I deserve some boom boom.
  • Gina: Then get me some fuckin' tacos.
  • Todd: I just paid $111 for you to eat out on your birthday.
  • Travis: Technically, you paid $111 for the whole family to eat out.
  • Todd: Technically, we ate at Olive Garden because you wanted to eat here.
  • Travis: Well, technically, you shouldn't have had sex with Mom about 20 years ago.
  • Richie: I thought it was just a walk-in closet.
  • Todd: I like it when people piss on my clothes.
  • Me: We wanted to steal your Dirt Devil, but we couldn't find the charger.
  • Todd: Yeah, that's because I need to steal the charger from work. We have the same model Dirt Devil.
  • Todd: You're scaring them with your bone videos.
  • Leslie: She's exploring, and if she wants to be in love with me, that's great. I appreciate her honesty.
  • Todd: Richie, you've lived in other places, right?
  • Richie: If you call Irvine other places.
  • Fatima: Remember when freaking was a dance?
  • Tara: It's not anymore?
  • Rick: Is it still called freaking?
  • Kit: No, it's called teen pregnancy now.